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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ava's Garden

This past weekend we put in Ava's garden. She has been excited about it for some time. All spring she was asking if she could put in a garden, so we were just waiting until the weather was warm enough for the flowers and bushes to survive! This past Saturday was a great day for gardening, it was warm, but the sun kept playing hide and seek behind the clouds. Long enough to give us a break from being in the sun. Although for weeks now Ava was looking forward to putting in her garden... she wasn't feeling very well. She was getting over a cold and just had no energy... she mostly layed on the grass rolled up in a blanket!

Once Jay dug up the garden and raked out all the bits of grass she managed it get up and start to put in some flowers. She really liked wearing her gardening gloves.. they were pretty big on her, but she didn't mind too much! Once the earth was all loosen we started to get the bushes and flowers in. Her garden has 2 blueberry bushes (which is GREAT because Ava loves blueberries!) and 3 strawberry plants! She also wanted to plant flowers too... so there are some marigolds, petunias and a couple other ones that I forget the name of! :(

Grace had a really fun time helping out too! She loved playing in the dirt, bringing over the blueberry bush and basically just dumping the dirt all over herself! She was definitely more into gardening then Ava.. but like I said Ava really wasn't feeling so great!

We decided to put the garden right under Ava and Grace's bedroom window. When Ava wakes up in the morning she looks out at her garden - and the strawberry bushes already have red berries on them! She is very excited... and actually to be honest with you I'm excited too!! I've never planed strawberry bushes in the ground... so I hope we get them every year!!

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