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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ava's Garden: strawberry update!

Well, we've been watching a couple of berries starting to turn red - but today - today is monumental! Ava and I went out to water the garden and two berries were ready for the picking! There are about six other berries half ripen... so we'll be picking those babies in a few days... more sun should do the trick!

So how is a family of five (soon to be six... but this baby ain't gonna taste it first hand yet!) going to split two berries?? Well Jay and I will likely be adults about it and let Ava and Gabriel savour the two berries. Grace... well she'll just have to settle for a popsicle for her after dinner treat!

So just a little update on the garden.. it's doing well, the flowers and blueberry bushes have perked up ~ I think they are looking forward to summer too :)

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