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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Bump??

So you know what??? I just realized I haven't taken ANY pictures of my belly for this pregnancy!!!! I can not believe it! I think I'm loosing my mind! I guess being sick for the first three months and now chasing after the kids for the last two months ... well has taken up most of my time! :)

But I HAVE to get some belly pictures!! I have my ultrasound pictures, so that will go in this baby's first year scrapbook ~ but it's always fun to see how big momma gets! I'm not doing too bad in the weight department; 19 weeks and 13 pounds ~ that's good! (considering it is sooo hard for me to loose weight in general).

So in the next day or two that is my mission ~ get a couple pictures of my belly ..... I guess this should have been priority considering this will be our last... but better late then never!! :)

Belly bump pictures to come!

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