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Monday, June 15, 2009

WHOA~ I'M 20 WEEKS! Half way there...!

So I just noticed when I was reading up on my week by week pregnancy progression on my fave website... that I'm at the beginning of my 21st week... which means.... I'M HALF WAY THERE! Holy Cow! Well I have to say the first 20 weeks have just flown by... and I hoping the next 20 weeks go quick too!

Don't get my wrong, it's not like I'm not happy about this pregnancy.. because I am.. WE are! I'm just excited to see this baby.. is it a boy? Is it a girl? We always agreed that we wouldn't find out the sex of our babies.. and to date we've always been surprised! I can honestly say when I was pregnant with Grace I was fairly certain I was carrying a girl. I couldn't explain why I knew.. I just KNEW! ... And low and behold - Grace Lilly was born!

So back to my anxiousness... I'm excited to meet this baby, but I've also found each pregnancy harder and harder. I know many factors can affect this 'condition'... I'm getting older ~ I had Ava when I was 29 and now with this baby I'll be 34 (I know, I know I HATE getting older *sigh* but who does like getting older? I don't know!). I've also had my babies very close together, all my babies are either 21 or 22 months apart. And baby #4 will certainly follow into this pattern as well! I'm due November 1st (although I do tend to go into labour early)... and Grace will be turning two years old Jan 15th, 2010 (HOLY COW ~ did I just type 2010???? I thought we would be driving in flying cars and have robot maids by now!!!! Sooo futuristic!!). So baby #4 and Grace will be approximately 22 months apart.

So my age, my babies have been born close together... and I just find it soo hard to sit still when I'm pregnant. It really hits home to me how much I CAN'T do while I'm pregnant ~ and that drives me NUTS! I get tired easily, cannot lift heavy things, no long hours in the garden or painting or doing anything else I like to do. Again, not that I'm complaining ~~ all these things are just adjustments for me.

I am starting to have this sense of completion in my heart - that my family is now whole ~ what we have 'everyone' we should. I truly feel blessed that God has given us this soon to be four beautiful babies! That He has intrusted us with their care and guidance. Jay will likely go for the 'procedure'... we've talked about it already... but I'm sure like most men it's not something they look forward to (but hey ~ do we women look forward to labour? "Yahhh I get to be in the most fieriest pain of my life!" ~ ahh no I don't think so!). So we will likely talk about it again when baby is here... otherwise I would be announces another pregnancy!!!

As for pictures of my baby bump - I STILL haven't taken pictures! I have to get on that!! And it's funny you know.. 'cause I would say with this pregnancy I look the best that I ever have!!! So I really should be documenting it!

Pictures to come! And WE ARE HALF WAY THERE ~~ YEEEAAAAH :)

Happy Monday ya'll :)

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