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Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's starting to feel like....summer

22 degrees today ~ starting to feel like summer! The sky was a beautiful bright blue with not a cloud in the sky! The wind was comfortably cooling and kept the bugs away ~ PERFECT! We didn't go to church today, the kids have pink eye (by the way, it is TOTALLY not fun putting drops into children's eyes!!). This morning the weather was kinda wacky, woke up to what must have been a wet night (I didn't even hear the rain); then it was just cloudy, but from out of nowhere the clouds started to part and the skies turn blue! Perfect! A day outside chilling on the deck!

So I thought I would click some pictures of what a typical summer day for my family looks like! I always love fresh cut flowers in the house.. but more especially I like it when I can cut them from our own garden! There is just something soo peaceful at looking at such bright and vibrant colours - and the scent the flowers give off -- UNBELIEVABLE!
I also enjoy making the outside look warm and inviting too, I love the look of tablecloths! Here is a couple of pictures of one of the decks, and what yard looks like (this is our first summer in our new home so this is all new to us too! Exciting! :} )

Of course a 'summer like' day wouldn't be complete without cute little outfits! I found this a year ago at a second hand sale at a church. I love it!!! It looks soo 1920's!! So here is Gracie striking a few poses!

And although it was wonderful and sunny outside, Gracie still has a meltdown and needed her nap!! :)

So while Grace napped, I took Ava and Gabriel outside. While they ate, played with water guns and bubbles I .....

suntanned and kept my feet up ~ hey someone has to do it!!!! :) :)

In the summer time, we like to eat 'lite'... foods with loads of flavour.. but cool, satisfying and refreshing. In the morning I made a cold couscous salad with peas, corn and roasted red peppers tossed with Greek salad type dressing. I also blanched asparagus and topped them with the same sort of Greek dressing. I had chicken legs marinated to be bbq'ed in the evening - and viola! dinner is done!

I also managed to pop a cake in the oven for an after dinner dessert, I like to just top the cake with some pudding ~ always a hit! While the cake cooled outside I continued to work on my tan!

Later on that afternoon Gracie woke from her nap, greeted with kisses from Ava ~ who wouldn't want to be greeted that way after waking up! Ava just adores Grace! So click click away... here are some photos of Gracie waking up ~ she sure is cute!! :}

So while myself and the kids were enjoying the warm sun, having snacks, reading suntanning, drinking ice tea and iced coffee.....

...Jay had a few chores to get done before summer 'officially' starts! He was able to stack all our wood for next winter (better to it in May then August!) and he cleaned out the pool, top it up with water and shocked it!

So as you can see we've had a busy but enjoyable day! And for anyone who might be worrying about Jay if he was actually able to relax... he did manage to settle down on the deck, enjoy a beverage, snacks and his family! (although he did get a farmer tan working outside today! *hee* ~ so I would feel bad for him because of that!)

I hope your Sunday was as blessed as ours! Happy 'almost' summer!!!

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