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Friday, May 22, 2009


Last night we experience a taste of what an evening would be in the 1800's! It's been really windy in these here parts (opes, sorry my 'country talk' is coming out! :} ) It had been very windy most of the day yesterday, I lost my laundry quite a few times! Very frustrating!

Around 7pm last night shortly after coming home from taking the kids to meet their soccer coach and pick up their team shirts - the power went out! It was a bit surprising to us because at that point the windy had died down a bit...

Jay and I bathed, read some books and put the kids away. It was a beautiful evening, the trees were still dancing in the wind making the most calming and wonderful sound only trees in the wind can make! The frogs began singing! (Mind you not as loud as it was about a month ago when they were mating! All I can say FROGS CAN BE VERY LOUD WHEN MATING! )

Jay sat and read the paper as I was reading my homeschooling book. It was a very relaxing evening! Once the sun went down and the house was beginning to get dark, we gathered up the candles and lite them around the house! It was WONDERFUL!

It was soo great to just sit and talk, admire all that God has made! It would haven been nice to sip on a coffee while chatting, but alas the power was out... so no coffee making was working in this house!

It was interesting, Jay asked me what I thought the world would be like if we never had electricity. Interesting question. I think life would be way more simple! We would function at a slower pace - but a good pace! I think we would appreciate our food, our home and everything around us more. Because when you have to work hard for something you enjoy it and truly see how wonderful it is.

Its amazing how lovely everything looks by candlelit! Maybe that's why back in the 1800's people had large families ~~ people must have looked HOT by candlelit!!! :}

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  1. I've secretly always wanted to be Amish....and to be honest...I would LOVE to visit an Amish farm for a month or two.

    I read books by a lady called Beverley Lewis. Soooo good. I get to imerse myself in that 'life'.


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