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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Today was another busy day (are any of my days not busy? humm) Gabriel, Grace and myself were invited to friends of ours sons birthday. It was loads of fun... well I think mostly fun for the kids... I mostly walked around and made sure Grace didn't try to pick up the roaming chickens (if she could take one home, I bet she would have snuck one in my vehicle!) And Gabriel... oh Gabriel he is our forever roamer, running, streaming, crying, laughing... as you can see he does EVERYTHING in extreme - but he had loads of fun too! He couldn't say the little boys name very well.. but kept saying 'Happy Birthday Pete' -- very cute!

So baby #4 seems to be doing well, I had my midwife appointment this past Monday and all is good. I heard the baby's heart beat - that is always fun! Weight gain has been going alright, so far I've gained 10 lbs - pretty good for 15 weeks. Although I look bigger than that.. but hey I'm just going by my scale so whatever I'll take it! :) I generally gain between 25-30 lbs. I've been very fortunate to loose all my baby weight after each baby.. I think running after all my kids (and may I add they are all under 2 years apart).. helps to shred the p0unds. Although I was about 45 lbs over weight when I first got pregnant with Ava.

I am sooo determined to get into shape after this baby. I've been hinting to my husband for a treadmill for Christmas, I think he's pretty excited too to see my get in shape (purely selfish :) motives..*hint**hint*)

My back has been hurting.. when I was pregnant with Gabriel I had to leave work early due to sciatica.. so painful! My boobs have been more tender too -- all par for the course! I generally get 'tanckles'.. and I am FAIRLY certain I will get them with this pregnancy considering I'll be pretty big all summer! Yikes! That's alright though, gives me a good reason to just keep my feet up, sip lemonade and tan by the pool -- I can handle that!!

So overall I'm feeling pretty good, no more morning sickness *THANK GOODNESS!* just tired... but I can deal with that!

Can't wait to meet baby -- are you a boy? or a girl? We'll see November 1st!

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