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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ok.. ok.. one more post :}

So here are just some random pictures of what we've been doing... School is coming to an end... Ava's school had a Fun Day.. and had face painting.. here is Miss. Ava with her face painted, she loved it and I just thought she looked super cute...so wanted to take some pics..

The kids wanted to have a camp out, bonfire and roast marshmallows.. it was rainy last weekend...so no sleeping in the tent outside but we did have a bonfire and roasted some marshmallows. Gabriel had a blast, he was getting a bit frustrated though because he would roast them too much and then they would fall off! Poor little guy! But it was a ton of fun... and more fun watching the kids! Enjoy....

Last picture... I just thought this was soo funny... the kids wanted to watch a movie before bed. So all the kids are bathed...sitting on the couch...and well here is the picture..

I really don't know why Ava is wearing her helmet (and her knee pads ~ but you can't see them in the picture!).. oh man kids really are funny!

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