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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

So as you might be noticing... I'm catching up on my posts.... hope some enjoy reading a couple of posts and being in the loop of what we've been up to...
Fathers Day was fun... Ava made Jay a picture frame (and drew the picture too!)... and a card. Gabriel & Grace gave him a card.... they all gave him dress shorts (more fancier than regular shorts, they go to his knee and he can wear them to work with a button up top).... anyway.... so we all piled in on the bed and watched him open the gift and read the cards.

It's the simple moments that are the most fun... everyone in there pajamas having a blast (NOTE: no picture of me in my pj's ... no one needs to see that!! :])... so enjoy some pics I snapped....

... a bit of a late post... but worth the cute pictures...

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