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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last day of school..

Today is Ava's last day of JK... I'm soo sad for her! Sad that she will not see her little friends anymore..(sad that I won't see those sweet little girls anymore..I know all there names..maybe because I've been on all the school trips). Sad that she won't be going to 'school' anymore...sad that she won't ride a school bus..sad that she won't have a 'classroom'.... I'm just sad for her.

I will be homeschooling her in the fall, and we are totally certain that this is best for our family and that this is the path that God is leading us on... but Jay and I can't help but look at our past.. our school years..that's all we have to base it on!

I'm excited (and nervous!) to be homeschooling her in the fall. Excited that I will be teaching her. Excited that we will have the time to do more things together as a family. Excited that she will be home more. Excited that (hopefully) we meet more homeschooling families and their children. Excited that we will just become stronger as a family. Relieved that I can protect her .. maybe more... from teasing, mean kids, bullying and all that other 'fun' stuff you get in school when they are young.

I'm sad, excited, nervous, anxious and sooooo many other emotions for Ava... on her last day of school.


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