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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Death, Heat & Family..

A bit of a strange heading... but all these thoughts are running through my head right now... So Farrah Fawcett died today ~ soo sad! I remember watching a program (probably Entertainment Tonight) about her battle with cancer, all I could think about was my mom and it just made me more and more sad. Cancer is such a evil, hard to understand, hard to accept, just plain crazy illness... I just don't know how to describe it. It was just so heartbreaking to watch her battle because I remembered how hard it was to watch my mom go through so much pain. A very sad day indeed... I pray that Farrah is in a better place.

So I also heard today that Michael Jackson died --- WHAT??? I know totally crazy eh?? I'm still in shock really! I can't believe it. His life was sad too, all the troubles as a child and it followed him into adulthood -- again very sad :[

So I know not a very good segway (sp?)... but the heat has just been crazy here! Today had to be the hottest it's been yet this summer. It was sooo humid this morning, no wind...and I had a friend and her two children over.. oh and she is almost 30 weeks pregnant! So needless to say we were all very hot! So what else to you do when you think you are going to melt as you are standing on the deck?? Well jump in the pool of course! We had a great morning swim. The kids loved being in the water.. and well of course the two pregnant mommies really really loved being in the pool! We had a lovely simple egg salad/peanut butter and honey lunch (with other snacky of course!)... the girls did a floor puzzle and then my friend and her two children were on their way....

Family -- I just have to say I just absolutely love all that our new house has to offer. Watching our kids (and friends with kids) enjoying the play structure or the pool or the decks or just each others company. We truly truly feel blessed by God, he has been very gracious to us. For us to live where we live but mostly to share what we have with others really does just swell our hearts.

I already feel like this summer will be one of many memorable ones!

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  1. I love your house too....To my husbands shock when he gets home half of my house is about to get an overhawl though ;)


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