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Monday, June 29, 2009

Gabriel's 3rd Birthday...

So my little man turned 3 on Saturday... I remember when he was born, it was such a hot summer all he wore was a diaper and undershirt. We would sit in the shade and watch Ava play with her bubble machine and a bucket of water...time does fly by!

Now he is playing with bubbles and running around and playing in the water.... It's the hardest job I've ever had..being a mom but never dull and always keeps me on the toes! It's soo amazing to watch him grow up. Here are some pictures from his birthday bbq.... he doesn't really have many little friends here..so it was just a small family birthday party..

Getting the candle on the cake...


We TIRED to take a family picture.... but not as easy as it sounds with 3 kids... what is it going to be like with 4 kids??? Ha ha! We don't look very happy!

The kids with Nanny and Gumpy/Bumpy aka Grampy (a little side story behind his name... Ava couldn't say Grampy when we was learning how to talk so she called him Gumpy and still does!....and Gabriel couldn't say his name properly either and he calls him Bumpy! kids!)

After swimming in the pool...it was time for some refreshments...and playtime!
And the birthday day ending with having a picnic dinner...eating whatever he wanted .... watching his favorite movie CARS :]
Happy Birthday Gabriel Michael... we love you very much! xoxoxoxo

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