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Monday, May 4, 2009

Sun, Kites, Parks, Picnic Lunches and just LOADS of FUN

This past weekend was AWESOME! Although my husband had to work, it was still a great family weekend! How you may ask? Well I guess it's how you can fit it all in... I think we are becoming the 'master of multi-tasking'! On Friday I broke out the kite... Ava had soo much fun flying it! Nothing like doing something simple to make you feel like a kid again! To be free of problems... no cares in the world.. just looking up at your kite and being proud of your accomplishment of keeping it up in the sky! Awesome!

I was scoping out where to put Ava's flower garden. This will be our first summer here; there are a few gardens (not too many that I feel overwhelmed, but just enough to add interest). Ava has been talking alot about flowers and planting a garden. She says her favorite flowers are poppy's and roses! She is soo sweet! So I thought I would take her to the store and pick out some seeds. I also want to find a craft kit that we can make a plaque that says 'Ava's Garden', I think she would enjoy making that also!

So we also go to see Jay alot too this weekend (my husband). I packed a picnic lunch and I took the kids to the park by the river. The kids loved being at the park and playing with all the kids that would come and go. Then Jay met us for lunch; we did this for both Saturday and Sunday mid-morning / afternoon. This past weekend the weather was GREAT! Sunny, alittle cool but nothing a sweater couldn't remedy!

I am a BIG picture taker! I am always taking pictures.. but you know what?? I didn't this weekend, I was just having soo much fun with the kids, playing with them, watching them run and laugh.. that I just didn't get to take any! Oh, I have to say too, Grace was soo sweet this weekend. We just bought her first pair of running shoes and she LOVED them! She would just run, turn to look at me give me a quick smile then keep running! She is growing up soo fast!

So I have to say.. since I've gotten pregnant and now I am past that whole nausea, tired sick stage this was an excellent weekend!

Hope yours was memorable too!

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