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Friday, May 1, 2009

Where did all the 'good' women go?

On May 11th, it will be 9 months since we moved. Alittle background for everyone; our family recently moved four hours from our hometown. After being in school last year and doing his clinical my husband was offered a job as a Recreational Therapist at a Mental Health Hospital. However the hospital was four hours from our home. So needless to say, we got ready to move. The move in itself went smooth, we sold our home in 6 days! Actually the night we put an offer on a new home, we received an offer on our home! It was a whirlwind to say the least!

So it will be 9 months ago that we moved...and my question is 'where did all the good women go'? What ever happen to connecting with other moms that happen to have children the same age as yours? Or other moms with the same interests? I find it very difficult to make friends in this 'new' place. Is it me? Is it this place? Is it these moms? I don't know, I can't figure it out? Doesn't anyone like to go for a Starbucks at night once all the kids are in bed? Or come over for a visit? Or go to dinner? I'm not sure if this is a new phase of me... am I just harder to make friends with? I think I have high expectations... should I lower what I expect from other women? Should I change in my head what I think a friendship should be? I didn't have many friends where we use to live, but the friends I did have were very good ones. In fact I still connect with them, whether it is by phone or weekend visits. I never thought it would sound so desperate or be so difficult to make new friends. Other women who like to chat, socialize.. maybe connect our families together.

So I think I need to reflect on this more... take it all in... maybe I just need to put all my focus on God and my family and friends will just come. Is it that easy? Hum?


  1. Hey what am I? chopped liver? I like starbucks and dinners! you have never invited me!! I'm terrible for making plans but I like to play at parks in the afternoon and drink coffee!!

    I was thinking of posting that I will be at Blockhouse every say...wednesday morning from 10-12 all throughou the summer.
    that way we could get to know more people.
    I love blockhouse for it's shade and sand...and yes the fence is great!!!
    what do you think???

  2. OH Alyson.. you are far from chopped liver!!! So we'll have to do starbucks and dinner! Yes, I've been to Blockhouse 3 times this week, it's been nice to be in a different place. No matter what we have in our backyard the kids like to get out too! :) Yup, I will likely be there.. I'm sure the other BHL would be interested too :)


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