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Thursday, May 7, 2009

our Last baby..

So as some of you may know, I am expecting again. This will be baby # 4 for us in the last 5 yeas - yup we've been busy! :) I'm now in my 15th week, I'm starting to feel like my old self again. I do get tired by the end of the day.. but hey who wouldn't when I'm also running after a 4 1/2 yr old, 2 1/2 yr old and a 15 month old! Yikes! I'm excited to see what we will have.. will it be another girl or a boy to round out the sexes?? We don't find out what we are having, we just pray that the baby is healthy and the birth is safe!

I'm surprisingly feeling pretty good that this will be our last. I really did think Gracie would be our last, so I tried to soak up everything about her being a baby and even now... all her firsts, what she is doing... I wanted to have more after Grace but Jay wasn't so sure.. but voila - God blessed us with another babe (but we did give Him loads of help!!!)

I'm looking forward to moving on with our family, watching the kids get older, seeing what their interests will be. How our family dynamics will change when I start to home school in the fall. I'm also really excited to getting back to ME. I want to get back to the weight I was when I met Jay.. we don't need to go there as far as a number!! :) But I am looking forward to getting in shape, feeling healthy for my family and for me. I'm looking forward to having my body back! I can honestly say right now that I'm NOT sad that this will be our last baby...

Just for fun.. here is some pics of the babies we have now:

Here is Ava when she had her 'own' sleepover at Nanny & Gumpy's house...

This is Gabriel enjoying cupcakes that were sent home with us from of course Nanny & Gumpy's house:

And finally here is Miss. Gracie... just being Grace!

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