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Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh so pretty

I guess you could say I'm still in Christmas mode.... or perhaps I'm just soo behind in my posting ;)  But I just wanted to share this cute little way I wrapped a gift this Christmas. 

It is basically pretty simple, but for my own touch I use twine for ribbon and for a 'tissue paper' effect I used the same wrapping paper and I tore them in long strips. 

I used different widths and I stuffed them into the top of bag and let them overflow. I really like the whole effect!

For the other packages {that went along with the gift in the bag} I used the same wrapping paper and reused a Christmas card from a previous year.  Tucked a couple of curly strips under the twine... and viola.. oh so pretty :)

I definitely like the uniqueness and simplicity of using the strips of paper.  I will have to remember to use this effect next year with more gifts ;)

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