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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Empowered to Plan! ... and follow through!

As you are all aware, I have vowed to be on top of my homeschooling plans this year.  I WILL be following through with all my awesome 'field trip' 'home hosting special events' ideas!
I am soo super excited the way the next four months are looking.  Here's how it's going go:

Theme "The Pond"
Field Trips/Special Events:
a) Not going Back to School Picnic at the Beach
b) Trip to the City Zoo

Theme "Transportation"
Field Trips/Special Events:
a)Trip to our local Airport (including tour of the weather station, air plains, hangers and more!).  Followed by a group wide lunch/play date at our home
b) Host 3rd Annual Fall Harvest Party

Theme "Transportation" (continued)
Field Trip/Special Events:
a) Trip to our local Fire Department (including tour, fire safety, up close look at the firetrucks and more!)

Theme "Christmas" "Birth of Christ"
Field Trip/Special Events:
All things to do with our family traditions.  Christmas, Christmas, Christmas (you get the picture!) ☺

That's what our schedule looks like so far.  Although that doesn't include the French/Spanish language class every Tuesday afternoon.  Once a month on Friday mornings Canadian/Local History program at our museum.  Ava will start GEMS Wednesday evenings.  As well as theatre class on Wednesday bi-weekly.  We will begin joining our homeschooling group skating on Thursday's will begin in November. 

I want to be accountable to my children, to the schedule I have planned and most importantly to God.  To honour Him in this incredible opportunity I have been given to home school our children.

Happy Learning/Exploring/Living!

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