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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

16 days and 22 hours! ha!

16 days.. and 22 hours until I run my first 1/2 marathon. 

I'll be frank: I'm not ready!  At least I FEEL I'm not ready!  Apparently everyone around me thinks I can do it!  Thank you for the support.. but I still don't feel ready.. at least not this week!  Maybe in the next couple of weeks.  But I have to CRAM in my distance - ouch!

After a good 5 weeks off of running (with a few sporadic ones here and there), I'm back at it.  When I took a break I was a 12k.  Tonight I was able to run 11.5k non-stop.  It actually felt pretty good.  ALTHOUGH.. it was only because I was running with a good friend and we kept both ourselves going.  AND she is soo super smart when it comes to running.. she is soo sweet.. she brings me her running water bottle filled with 'running juice' as I like to call it.  The good stuff.  The stuff that feeds your body to keep you going!

So (apparently) I suppose to run 14k on Monday with another running friend (hopefully no one finds me in a ditch somewhere crying and in pain.. 'cause that how I envision this run). IF.. and that is a big IF I can make it through the 14k run... then maybe just maybe I can push myself the following week to do 18k and then the day of the 1/2 I'll add on the last 3 to make it 21.5k.

Please pray for me.  I truly will we needing it!

BUT tonight was awesome! Thx Alyson! ☺ (www.proudtobeafitmom.blogspot.com)

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