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Saturday, April 2, 2011

166.5 and stuck

Update: no weight lost.. no weight gained... I have NO IDEA what is going on with my body!  I don't really feel smaller in the clothes so I am not sure that I am just getting smaller and gaining muscle.  I have been running 3-4 times a week.  Although the 4 times a week isn't that consistent.  I've upped my distance.. I've ran 10k (ok ok once)... but I'd like that to be my new 'regular' distance and just get quicker.  So I'm not sure why I am stuck.  The next thing to look at is what I'm eating.. I not really eating anything different .. and I don't THINK I've increased my portions... but I think I am going to have to start keeping track.  I really don't want to .. because as I've said before when I start thinking about food and what I should and shouldn't eat I get stressed and then eat more.. it's crazy I know.. but that's me.

I'm pretty frustrated to be honest with you.. I thought I had my routine down pat.. eat less, move more.  My original goal is only 15lbs away.. but since then I've changed it ..  I have 20lbs left.  It's been a long hard road to get me moving and be more physical again.  And watching what I eat... I'm happy with the progress so far.. and I know it really is a lifestyle change so it is life-long... but I just SOOOOO want to be at my goal weight.

So that's it.. that's where I'm at as far as running and my weight loss journey. .....

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