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Friday, January 28, 2011

Exciting News! .. and no I'm not pregnant!

I have a bit of exciting news.. I've applied for a job!  Eek yup!  I can't go into too much detail but all I can say.. is it's only party time ... I have an interview on Monday!  It's related to my field.  We will wait and see if this is a door God is opening of us and my family.  I am excited and nervous all in the same moment!  I know that if I do get this job.. and it will a bit of juggling with homeschooling Ava, keeping the home running and working.. but I am soo up for *another* challenge.  Again.. it's only part time and the days/times that I go in will be flexible..

I will keep y'all posted.. just pray.. if this is God's will then open the door and if it is not.. to close it.

We will wait and see!

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  1. Anita, was that 'party' time on line 2 a Freudian slip? Kidding. Praying for you.


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