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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Plateauing or Maintaining? Both?

OK.. I am going to take advantage of this small window of time.. that my computer is actually working *sigh I think I have a virus*
So I haven't been updating my weight lost.. two reasons.. the side bar with the weight and dates aren't allowing me to update however my ticker is updated.  31.5lbs to date.  Happy - yes?  Frustrated - yes?  OK..so here's the deal.. we have been soo busy with Christmas activities that it has been a HUGE challenge for me to get my four runs in a week.  At best I've been getting in two.. and on a really good week.. I can squeeze in a third.

I think getting out four times combined with WANTING to eat healthier has been the game plan that is working for me.  Helping me with my steady weight loss.  But on the upside.. even though I haven't been able to get out as much as I would like.. and I've been indulging in a few extra cookies (those darn yummy cutie decorated Christmas cookies) I've been able to maintain.  I think that is a good thing.  Because I now KNOW how I should eat.  ALL the time.  And I think my body knows that it's going to get the exercise it needs.

So I am happy with what I have been able to accomplish.. however I am sooo very eager for January to come.. so I can get back in my routine.  ALSO the time change just killed me for being able to go out where I live and run.  It's PITCH dark here.  But now that there is snow on the ground.. it will be a lot lighter out there.  And the days will start to get longer by the middle of this month!  Yay!

So there.. there's a little update I could sneak in while my computer and I are on speaking/writing terms!

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  1. did you know there is NOTHING on your side bar? o.k this is just what happened to me....weird.
    nice pic. love graces face!

    oh...and as soon as you kick up the running again your body will jump start. no worries. enjoy the holidays and a little break. maintaining during the holidays is awesome!!


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