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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

-14° night running

YES! I did it! At least I know I can do it (once anyway!)  Went for a run tonight.. at night.. with tons of snow.. and with the wind felt like -14°!  It was actually very nice!  Quiet.  Crisp.  Sparkly.  And cold.  It's actually not that bad once you hit about the 10 minute mark.. because then you can't feel your legs ache anyway!  So you end up keep going and going and going!  I found my breathing was better too.  I don't know why.. I may read up on that when I have some time.  Not sure if it's because of the temp or what.  I am a new runner.. so this is all new to me.  I am NOT an expert.  I just run what I am told to run with the group.  Then on my own time.. I just run.  Simple... thats what works for me.

Overall... I like running in the winter!  Waaay better than running in  40° with humidity!  Waay better!

OH.. and if anyone actually reads my blog.. I would post more.. but whenever I'm on blogger my computer kinds crashes.. it's says 'not responding'... weird!  I hope I don't have a virus.  But it's only on the blogger site... sooo frustrating as I have soo many things I would like to blog and post pictures of! :(  I need a nice friend who will accept a nice free dinner to fix our computer.. anyone know of anyone out there??? 

Hope y'all are having an AWESOME Christmas season!

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  1. Hey Anita - I assume you have run all of the usual programs like the virus scanner & ad-aware type program? Have you cleaned up the system files or done a defrag recently?

    email me directly if you want to chat more about the computer!


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