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Saturday, October 30, 2010

One of those morning..

If you run or do anything physical you'll know what I mean.  Today was THE morning... the morning I had log legs.  Yup .. went for my run this morning with my running group - and I felt like my legs were two heavy weights.. and that I was running backwards for goodness sake!

I really really hated that!  Very disappointing for me!  I was soo looking forward to my run... and viola - crappy!  Oh well.. I am bound to have those type of days.. there... I had one.. DONE.. ok... now I hope I don't have one for a LONG WHILE!  Disappointing beyond words!  blah!

OK.. now onto the rest of my day!

On a more positive note.. I am actually running with 30lbs LESS on ME!  Yay!  Soo very happy!  22lbs more to go! 

Get out there and get physical.. even when you feel like you are pulling a huge weight behind you!

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