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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my time

I am really enjoying running in this cooler fall weather!  I started out running in May of this year.. and it got hot - FAST!  I most definitely enjoy running in 10 °c then feeling like 40 ° with the humidity!  I am excited to experience winter running!

Yesterday was my training day with the group I run with.  As I am a beginner runner I am finding the group most helpful, informational and encouraging.  The support that I get from the group is so valuable.  No matter what age you are.. you always want to hear encouraging words.

I ran tonight.. this is my time to unwind, think about my day, pray and just burn off some energy.  I ran for 35 minutes.  It felt good... no actually it felt awesome.  Why did I stop?  It gets soo darn dark soo fast and I run alone... so I decided to end the run.  I am going to continue to run for 40 minutes for the next two weeks then increase my time to 45 minutes.

Looking forward to my next me time this week. ☺

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  1. Me time is so very important! I am so happy for you! You have found the joy of running!! It is the best.

    Keep up the awesome work. xo


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