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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Its that time of year!  Festival time!  Soon to be fair time!  Can't wait.  Its been soo hot here... so time spent by water.. whether it is a river, lake or canal is just fine with me!  The breeze, the view, the company... sounds like the perfect mix to me!  This weekend we visited one of our festival in a nearby town.  So wonderful!  Simple.. but wonderful... that's the way I like it.  No Carney rides, freaky people, overpriced EVERYTHING.. just free face painting, free balloon animals, free play in the park, free music.. and ice cream (not free.. but yummy nonetheless) and lots lots more.  Don't get me wrong.. I'm not completely cheap... it's just nice to go to a simple festival the way the use to be.. to have fun, have people come together.. not try to make money off people.  It was safe and family friendly, just the right mix for our young family.  Here are some photos from our day out...

And that's how we spent our Saturday afternoon!  Hope every one of you enjoyed your long weekend with your family as well!

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