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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yes YOU always knew what I needed..

I am finally feeling like I am taking root here in our new town.  It has taken me 22 months.. but it feels like my life is starting to focus again.  Now that I have made it to 'the other side'.. I can look back and see what I came through from, how much I've changed, the bad that was part of me and just my soul has been overhauled.  Thank you Jesus.  That's who I have to thank.  God always knew my heart.  I am thankful that he is in my life, directing me, coaching me, holding me and just loving me.. just the way I am.  But I am thankful that he sees potential in me.  Wow - thank you.

We are settling into a new church.  There is something strange though.. I feel like I've always attended there.  The message .. is well.. the truth.. and that is first and foremost important to our family.  But the people.. other believers.. it just feels like home.  I am really starting to feel like I am apart of a family, our church family.  We've hosted a small group, I am now in a ladies book study for the summer and we've had several social bbq's.  It just feels right.

I've also started running.  God must have known that's what I needed.  For me.  He knew my desire to be healthy, stronger to loose weight and be happy.   I have to say I do love running.  I like the way it makes me feel, I like that I am able to just strap on running shoes and go.  As a parent you want to be a good example, to do the right thing and show them love, but I will never forget when my husband told me that our son Gabriel was running after me when I passed them as they were cheering me on at my race.  WOW!  And I will also never forget my daughter Ava telling me that she wants to run just like me.  That made my heart explode!  WOW!  I can have that kind of an affect on my kids. 

God also knew that I needed to be surrounded by good friends and I am starting to make those here as well.  My heart is feeling settled and happy.  I am really starting to understand who I am.  The example I want to be to my family.  The wife I want to be.  The person I want to be.  These last 22 months has really changed me.. and previous two and half years before our move.  What a roller coaster life it's been.  But if I didn't go through all the trials and hard times.. I wouldn't be where I am today.  I wouldn't be who I am today.  But most importantly my heart wouldn't be open to God to say: "Yes Lord.. where you want me to be.  Yes Lord.. what you want me to do". 

My life is his.. and all I can say is Thank You.

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