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Friday, July 16, 2010


Hosted a bbq/pool party/potluck tonight.. it was awesome.  Couples from our church that were also in our small group.  We loved having everyone over.. but more importantly we loved that we were able to share our home and our pool .. both of which are not ours.  Huhhhh?  Yes.. this technically is our home, pool, bbq etc... (the mortage is in our name and comes out of our account bi-weekly *sigh*).  But it's NOT OURS.  We feel soo completely blessed by God.  I don't understand why we have been blessed.. but we have.  And so what I do know and what we want to teach our children as well.. is that when you have something that you can share - THEN SHARE IT!  It wouldn't be as fun or satisfying to 'own' something if you couldn't share it and watch the joy it brings to the another person.

I guess it's kinda like the whole 'pass it on' message.. EXCEPT this one is better.. share what you have.. but MORE IMPORTANTLY share the message of salvation through Christ Jesus who died for YOUR sins.. accept Him into your heart and you will have eternal life.

We are soo very thankful that we were lead to this home with the property and all the amenities... but WE do understand that it is not OURS.. and we can't TAKE IT WITH us... so...  Lets enjoy it.  Share it.  Be thankful for it.  And remember WHO it came from.

Blessings to your weekend.. and spread some joy where you can ☺

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