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Saturday, May 1, 2010

movin' on up...

We have made several sleeping arrangements since Linden has outgrown his bassinet (*sigh* all my babies slept in it.. I guess it will be soon time to pass it on to some young couple that will put it to good use).  He was then sleeping in a playpen that we set up on my side of the bed.  That way I could still nurse him, put him to bed and he could get a good sleep and not constantly wake himself up through the night by hitting his hands on the side of the bassinet.

Gracie has been fully potty trained since about February.  She turned 2 in January.  She potted trained the quickest out of Ava and Gabriel.  She even sleeps through the night without accidents!  Yay Gracie! ☺  The 'boys' room is smaller than the girls room so we decided to get bunk beds for them (obviously Linden won't be sleeping it in for a few more years).  When we first moved here a year and half ago we bought Ava and Gabriel new beds; so Ava kept her bed, Grace got Gabriel's bed and now Gabriel is sleeping in the bottom bunk ~ oh and he LOVES it!  I am pretty sure Ava was a little disappointed that she didn't have a bunk bed.. but I'm thinking her pink girl room will sooth her sorrows! ☺

Now everyone has a comfy bed.  And we officially have a girls room  and a boys room!

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