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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Firsts for me!

Well my little man seems to just be plowing through life.  There is no stopping him now!  He has had many firsts.. here are just a few of them:

4.5 months... first time sitting in his highchair.. and lovin' it! 

5 months .. first time eating cereal.. and he really really likes it!

5 months.. first time playing in his new crib!  Since the sleeping arrangements have been changed up, everyone is in their own bed and we now officially have a girls room and boys room!

6 months... first time eating homemade butternut squash.... `humm not sure about this new taste yet...`

All these moments and many other are bittersweet for me.  It is exciting to see him grow bigger.  I sometimes catch myself wondering.. what will his voice sound like when he starts talking.. what will he look like when he starts walking... how will he get along with the other children...  But he is also my last baby.  I have to now more forward myself.. and enjoying watching the kids get older and experience all their next first..

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of Linden`s firsts!

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