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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week huhhh?

Well not sure if anyone out there has even notice but I have not been tracking/blogging my weeks for weight-loss.. that is because I have come to a stand still. Good? Bad? Not sure.. but life has just taken over my life? Does that even make sense? It does in my world.. and really people that's all that matters! The weather has been sooo fantastic here... so that means the kids and I have been out to the park, going to walks and just being outside more and more. Spring also marks a busy time of organizing all my materials for next year schooling. What curriculum am I going to purchase? What do I want to add to it? What do I want to take away from it? We've also been looking closer at what we want to the kids to be involved in for extra curricular activities. That has been a big topic around our house lately ~ not bad.. good talking.

So back to my 'weight-loss' journey.. I am happy to report I haven't gained, but I also haven't lost. I haven't exercised consistently and I haven't been recording what I am eating (but once you do it for a few weeks you pretty much get the idea of what and how much you can eat).

I will be ending for weight-loss tracking weekly (for now) on the side bar of my blog but I will up date it when I see fit.. get it fit!! haaa haa! I cracked myself up!

That's it.. that's all...

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