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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week 7: Weighing In

ugh... this is the week that I can not avoid... something I will 'experience' until menopause!

I've been eating well and I have been able to stick to my calories.. what I have been 'struggling' with is getting my rebounding in. Pretty much the only time of day that I can exercise without interruptions is in the evening. And not that I mind working out in the evening because it gives me a bit more energy... and then I just crash and go to bed (I TOTALLY) don't have trouble sleeping! However lately we have been busy in the evenings... friends and family over for dinners and visits, Jay has been working late which leaves me to put the kids to bed (and keep them in bed) and just 'life'.

What I have come to realize is that at my age (35) *sigh* and my body type I NEED to exercise if I want to reach my goal weight. I feel better too when I am working out.. I just feels right.

Final: 198lbs


  1. You are doing awesome...You have motivated me to blog about my weight loss journey...I totally understand about the exersise though.
    Hoping you find time to rebound and me I am hoping I can find something I enjoy to do as exersise.
    HOpe you have a great day.

  2. Thanks Amanda ~ I am glad I can motivate you! I think women face many of the same challenges... so we if can support eachother it makes it that much more managable.


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