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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Homeschooling on a rainy Tuesday

We are all done our homeschooling for the day. And we've also finished our centerpiece craft for our homeschoolers 'Fall Harvest Party'. She made a 'thankful leaf arrangement', I found the idea on the internet... made some adjustments ('cause I rarely do things they way they are suppose to be done! It's called creativity!!). She had a lot of fun doing it! Later in the week I will help Ava make dinner rolls and some sort of dessert squares to take to the party as well. We are pretty excited about the party, it will be nice to meet more homeschooling families in the area. I think the more people you know the better. The kids get to be around other kids, and I can hopefully get some 'adult' chat time too!

Today's schooling went pretty well. Since the beginning of September Ava has learned her vowels, the letter 'T' and 'L'. She has also learned about numbers 1-20, the concept of 'cents' (i.e. 1 cent, 2 cents, 3 cents etc). Greater/lesser/equal to. She's gone to preschool since she was 18 months... so we have zoomed through the first part of the curriculum (oh we are using abeka K5). She knows her colours, her left from her right...and tons of other things, she is doing really well.

I really feel like I'm actually 'accomplishing' something while homeschooling. I know we will certainly have more bad days ahead (I'm just being realistic.. ) but I am really enjoying having the kids home, our schedule... and the option of homeschooling or to NOT home school some days. It really does give you a lot of room for flexibility. If the kids are sick, or we are all moving slow in the morning, if we've been invited out somewhere in the morning, or if we just take a day off ~ we can do that!! Why ... because it's what works for US ~ and that feels good!

I've been seeing more and more progress with all the kids in the last month or so. Like I've mentioned Ava is doing really well with school AND she really enjoys it! Gabriel is really mastering going to the bathroom and wearing underware (thank goodness! I really didn't want to have 3 children in diapers come this Nov!). And Grace has started to say more words (mama, dada, no, yes, Ava... ) She is really looking like a toddler too lately.. makes me sad! :( And I know she will look even bigger when the baby is here (in about 5 weeks!)
Anyway ~ back to homeschooling... I love it, Ava loves it, and it's really working for us! Thank you God for giving us this opportunity... and thank you for giving us the strength as a family to listen and follow your plan for us!

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