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Friday, December 14, 2012

Simple & Personalized!

Just wanted to share some of unique, simple and very inexpensive things I have done this Christmas for my family.

Who doesn't love to see their name on something - anything!  This year I decided to make these super cute and simple name tags for our stockings.  The reason is two fold, 1) when the children run down and see their stockings laying on the couch they will immediately know which one this theirs and 2) I swear I am getting old, because frankly I can not remember who's stocking is who's (except for my hubby's and mine).  The other day, one of my little ones was asking me ... "Mommy.. is that my stocking or this one".. sadly I just pointed to one and say "Sweetie... this one".  So I'll make the decision now.. pop those handy tags on the stockings and I'm done!

One of the fun items that I have added to the children's stocking this year... are personalized gift certificates or passes.  I saw a "stay up late" pass on pinterest.. and then I started thinking... what about if I made up passes or gift certificate for the things that my children like to do.  So I created six of them.. they vary from a computer pass, stay up late, pick the game the family plays after dinner and so on.  Our family isn't huge.. but it's big enough to probably have our children feel like they don't have their own time or special thing that they do.  We try to do one on one dates .... but this is a great way to teach taking turns, decision making, and being gracious and accepting what another family members choice is.

These were really easy to make, choose what type of certificate or pass you would like to create.  Select free clip art from the internet and chose your desired size and colour.  I use publisher to create all my documents, but you can use any program that you like.

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