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Monday, August 6, 2012

Renewal of Spirit!

Yes, if you remotely "follow" my blog you will find I have not been blogging very much.  It wasn't a conscience choice I made.... it is just because life seems to be being lived at a very fast pace (or so it seems to me), and I am just trying to soak up all my life; the great, good, and not soo good (because really those days happen too.. alot sometimes ☺).  I've mentioned it before, but I love summer for a number of reasons. But for now the most important reason is to just watch and soak in all that our children do, because I just feel like the days are going too too fast!

This is a short post... I have lots of pictures that I would like to share.. and I hope to sneak in another few minutes to post them... but for now..I have one child away at a sleepover at Nanny and Gumpy's house.  And the other three are napping... so I need to move fast and clean this home of ours while they are sleeping sweetly and not under foot ;)

Oh.. and the title of this post.. "renewal of spirit"... well.. that's just because for today it's not SIX MILLION degrees outside and we spend a beautiful cool morning playing, capturing and releasing bugs, washing the car, bikes and scooters... I feel fall coming... and that is a glorious feeling! ☺


  1. that is creepy. I just pressed post on my blog and pretty much said the same thing...lol kindred spirits we are as always :) sounds like we both had a similar day.
    I think you are right...it was the weather!!

  2. Not creepy ;) ... kindred spirits.. yes ;)


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