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Friday, September 16, 2011

36 Hours

Yes my 1/2 marathon ticker is wrong.. I don't know why.. the date is correct.. maybe it's the time on my blog - I have no idea!  Regardless... Sunday is my 1/2 Marathon.

I am experiencing the following:

  1. Inclined to vomit
  2. Excited
  3. Tired
  4. Not Ready
  5. Ready
  6. Emotional (wishing my mom could see me ... and that my side of the family actually cared enough to come see me run)

Anyway.. I won't be breaking any world records or anything... but I'll be running it.. and that's all that matters!

I'll keep y'all posted on my time! ☺


  1. OK, I remember on one of my half marathon photos you said that you wished you would be able to, or not sure if you would be able to do a half! And tomorrow! YOU ARE!! I am so excited for you!! Enjoy the race! xoxo

  2. Anita...one of the greatest gifts a woman is given is the ability to give children to this world...I didn't know your mother but...I do know you...and as a mother...I will say this..if I had a daughter like you ...who is so loving, caring, giving and kind...who is an amazing wife, and mother...a woman who loves with her whole heart...I can't imagine the pride and love she is, and will be filled with as she watches over you... not just tomorrow... but everyday. I wish you the world out there tomorrow...my friend.


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