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Thursday, August 25, 2011

23 Days

Freaking Out.  23 Days.  And PLEADING with my friend (www.proudtobeafitmom.blogspot.com) to accompany me.

Here's the low down on my training the last two months:

:|: I injured my knee
:|: Caught up enjoying the summer, my family & laying poolside
:|: Prepared for & was away on our first family of six trip out East
:|: Avoided running in the 45° (with humidity)

Where I'm at now:

:|: Did track work on Tues, ran 10k Wed
:|: Struggled to run 10k
:|: Every inch of my body is aching!
:|: Have a work out schedule for Sat
:|: Want to go for a 12k long run

I have 23 days to get ready for my first 1/2 Marathon.  I know I won't be breaking records by any means.  But I'm already a winner in my books.  I didn't sign up to run a 1/2 Marathon because it is a life goal of mine (for now).  The reason I DID sign up was to keep me motivated to run throughout the summer.  Continue to loose weight or at the very least maintain.  Keep fit.  And to have something that is my own to de-stress.

Why am I a winner?  Because I have been able to maintain my weight even being on vacation, so I've learned about making better lifestyle food choices.  I did run SOME throughout the summer.  Running didn't rule me.  And I was starting to feel that it was.  I don't know if that makes sense to anyone.  It was a good break even though it started out being a break for my injury to heal..

So I'm back at it again.  I've run twice this week.. with the hopes to get two more in.  Again I'm not going to break any records, but I will be able to say that I ran a 1/2 Marathon... and I still have my goal of loosing my last 19lbs.  Funny enough I'm looking forward to running in the winter and contrary to other people that gain weight in the winter due to their hibernation mode and indulging in comfort foods.. I will plug away, loose my weight and be thankful that I'm not running in heat and humidity.


  1. lol I could do it my friend but I would hurt myself. I would HAVE to take mucho walking breaks as I'm not prepared.
    You ARE a winner and I have no doubt that you will complete the run. you have incredible determination and strength and I'm not worried about that.
    try for a long run of 14 this week, 16-17 the next week and 19 the week after that ok? Besides that you won't need to run more than 8 km on your other runs. Just run with Paula's group. I can run 10km with you next wednesday again. The time may have to change though as adam is super busy that day.
    Why don't you borrow my water belt and electrolytes? and ice bath after. it will help your muscles.

    love you...you can do it...but I can't guarantee it will be with me ;)

  2. I agree with Alyson...you CAN do this...and I have no doubt you will...lots of love :))


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