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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where have I been...

..around... Life is busy.  Really busy.  Busy with 4 children.  With birthdays.  With homeschooling.  With outings.  I think you all get the picture!  Halloween came and soo very thankfully went.. but alas the huge bowl of chocolate and goodies that stared me in the face every single day has dwindled down to a couple of handfuls (which I am soo very thankful for!).  Weight process... is well still a process.  I will admit I gained 2lbs over Halloween.. may not sound like a lot to some of you.. but for me it was frustrating.. because I could have lost another 2lbs NOT gained them!  But I am happy to report that I am back down to 172lbs.  22lbs more to go.  (oh and by the way.. I don't know why but blogger isn't allowing me to change my info on my layout.. so only my ticker is updating... oh well)

Running is going well.  I had a race about a week ago..everyone keeps encouraging me and telling me I did wonderfully.  But frankly I feel like I failed myself.  I got a WICKED stitch .. and had a walk for a minute or two.. so that put me JUST over the 30 minute mark -- bblllahh... disappointing for me.

School is going well with Ava... and I am see Gabriel and Grace 'learning' everyday as well.  Just in the everyday little things.  Gabriel likes to set the table.  All three children are thrilled to take their plates, cutlery and glass to the counter after each meal (yeaahh for me.. keep that up kiddies even in the teenage years!).  I feel we have a good routine going, a good balance between school, play, scheduled activities and getting together with friends.  I certainly have my moments and wonder why I am homeschooling.. but it is then that I feel evil spirits trying to discourage me.  So I pray.  And I feel confident that we are following Gods plan for our family for this time of our lives.

Jay was offered (and signed papers today) to become FULL TIME PERMANENT!  Praise the Lord - God is soo good.  Its been a long road.. but we followed the road that God has placed before us.  And I believed He rewarded our obedience.

Home/decorating front.. I've been painting and painting and painting (shisshhh I swear that is one of my other FULL TIME jobs!).  I am happy with the results.. love it.. BIG changes.. with LITTLE cost.  Again God is soo good!  I am content with what He gives us.. we enjoy opening up our home to friends and family.. sharing what has been given to us TO share.

Well that's about all I can think of at 12:24a!  Yikes!  Hubby is off tomorrow due to remembrance day (so I hope to sneak a nap in somewhere).

Remember.. 11a ... be silent... say a prayer.. be thankful for all who did what they had to do for our freedom.


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