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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ugly Duckling Chicken Pot Pie... huh?

OK... so I will agree with you all that is certainly not the nicest looking chicken pot pie I've made.  I always make mine with a double homemade crust.  But yesterday I just wanted to throw one together.. and honestly I did so about 45mins before hubby was expected home for dinner.  Thaw some chicken boobies (barley.. they are WAY easier to cut up when they are partly frozen anyway).  Chopped up a couple carrots, celery, onions and potato's... those I boiled.  So here comes they ugly part.  I've always wondered what a pot pie would be like with the bottom of the pie plate lined with bread.  Sooo... while my chicken was browning and I added my veggies... I lightly covered the bottom of my pie plate with some butter and then lined it with some whole wheat sliced bread.  Yup.. that's what I did.. broke a couple pieces in half for the sides. Squished them down a bit.... added some gravy to my filling... and pored it all in my pie plate.  Topped it with smashed potatoes.. a few dollops of butter.. and popped it in the oven for 30mins. 

It CERTAINLY didn't look as pretty as my usual pot pies.  BUT this quick verison of a "one pot" comfort food dinner did the trick.  The kids hated it... but they usually don't like pot pie anyway.  But hubby and myself thoroughly enjoyed it. 

OK... so I've held back the pictures long enough.. here you go gawk away at my ugly duckling chicken pot pie!!

(forgot to take a picture before I poured the filling in... so I took it from below.. thank goodness for glass pie plates!)

  And viola.. another dinner served that the kids hate...! ☺

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