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Thursday, July 22, 2010

heat wave, flash thunderstorms, movies in 3D OH MY!

We've been having quite the heat wave where we live.. I think we are into week two.. but who's counting right?  I can't complain really.. we enjoy our time outside in our pool.. and share it with family and friends as much as possible.  Then we quickly dash into the air conditioned house... so again I can't complain.

However with this heat wave.. almost always comes some wicked storms.  The sky turns dark grey, then has a greenish ting.. then voila.. thunder, lightening and a down pouring of rain!

We've been stuck inside a few times this week and last.. sooo here are a couple of cute pictures I snapped of Gracie.  She wanted to watch Bobbi (aka Barbie)... in 3D but of course!  Enjoy some cutie pictures of my baby Grace!

Needless to say... I think Gracie is quite thankful for these flash thunderstorms.. she does enjoy her Bobbi.. in 3D!

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