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Thursday, July 29, 2010

13.5lbs - yay me!

Slow and steady wins the race?  Well in my case this is true!  I am soo happy!  I've been steadily loosing weight... 13.5lbs to be exact!  And I have been able to keep it off!  Even with family visiting.  Even with going out to dinners.  Even with enjoying *some* desserts.  Even with just living!  I think I am FINALLY getting it!  In moderation.  Enjoy life.  Enjoy food... but be moderate.  I also remind myself of all my hard work up to this point when I get that feeling of just mowing down on everything insight.  That is what keeps me motivated to get out on my own and run as well.  I don't want to leave it for 3 or 4 days because then I just feel that much more behind. 

As for running,  I am still really enjoying it.  I really like pushing myself.  Seeing the results both on the scale, in my clothes and on the stop watch.  Taking time for me.  And I've meet some really great people too.  What I've learned is that you are never to old to get out there and get fit.  Soo many of the women that I have met inspire me.  There are days that I get down on myself.. and think "why didn't I start this sooner"... but that old saying is true "better late then never".  I am thankful that I have started at an age that I can see results relativity quickly.. and I won't break my hip in the process!! ☺☺

So yay.. I'm going to revel in my little accomplishment today... 13.5lbs lost... 38.5 to go!

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  1. Congrats to you Anita!! Keep up the great work!!


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