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Friday, June 4, 2010


Monday May 31st marked out last day of school!  I can not believe that we got through the year!  Ava learned a lot, we both really enjoyed it - and WE DID IT!  This year has been soo awesome, that is not to say we didn't have days that weren't difficult or that the house was filled with crying and screaming or that some days we just didn't feel like schooling.. but overall this was one of the most amazing experiences ever!  I can not wait for this fall to start!  I have Ava's curriculum purchased and ready to go.  I've also put together a schedule where I will be incorporating other subjects.  We will be exploring Science, Chemistry, Social Studies and many many book studies.  I am also excited because we seem to be forming a little 'girl' group.  I know Ava really thrives on being around other kids.. and our little homeschooling group that is forming is AWESOME!  The moms are soo great.. we all have a different take on what homeschooling looks like - but you know what?  that doesn't matter!  What matters is we have taken on the role of teacher, we are trying form a different outlook on learning and that we are open to try different things! 

This fall we have a few more extras that we will try to add to the mix of our schooling; french class, theatre class, dance and a few others.

Since Monday was our last of school, we had a little family celebration... Ava was very proud.. and as she should be!  Blessings... and happy end of school.. soon.. ☺

Ava received a couple of rewards as well! ☺  Good Reader  and  Seatwork Award!  I also awarded Gabriel and Grace!  They *helped*  this year!.... Gabriel was 'Grrrrreat" at playing with Grace and his trains while I schooled Ava.  And Grace was 'Quiet as a Mouse' ☺

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