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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Young Fogey: Yup That's Me!

I stumbled across something today. A definition. A choice of what their home embodies. A choice of how one lives their life. Of course this 'definition' is on the lite side, a bit frivolous some would say. But it was actually deeper for me. Yes, I am a follower of Jesus Christ and that defines me first and foremost. Yes, I am first generation Canadian/Italian. Yes, I am steeped in family traditions. Yes, I will lay everything I have before my guest (nothing is too good to show someone how much they mean to me). And so by living my life this way and wanting my home to look a certain way, yes I am a 'Young Fogey'. I am thrilled that these two words have been put together to create this new term. Yup ~ I'm young (at least I like to think I am!) ☺ and yet I'm a fogey!

After saying all this I am actually referring to home decorating, a way of life, a way we want to raise our children.

Sitting by the radio in the evening and listening to a program or songs ~ yup! That's me!
Setting the table with a pretty tablecloth, linens and some flowers ~ yup! That's me!
Enjoying baking, creating home cooked meals for my family ~ yup! That's me!
Prayer before a meal ~ yup! Me (us) again!
Taking out my china, crystal and all things lovely to entertain my friends ~ yup! I've done that!
Aprons ~ yup! Ohh yes!

This is only one side of me. But it does encompass what I (we) are about. 'Old fashion' values. 'Old fashion' ways of doing things. 'Old fashion' morals. 'Old fashion' way of raising our children. That doesn't mean I don't like or that I don't watch television. Or that I don't sometimes allow the kids to just take their dinners downstairs and we have a 'picnic dinner'. Or that I don't buy a box or cookies or we go out to a restaurant. It just means I prefer to do things and live my life in a bit of an old fashioned way. I (we) are people of our word. If we say we will help a friend move or renovate... we mean it. If we make plans, we stick to them. I am a person of integrity, or deep passions and truly want happiness for all. I do not covet my friends or families possession, I am genuinely happy for them.

All these things I've done and more. I enjoy being the best homemaker that I can be. I enjoy having my home clean. I enjoy baking cookies for my children. I enjoy old furnishings mixed with some new. I enjoying living the way our parents lived.. but our new way.... the young fogey way! So without further adieu here are some photos of my 'young fogey' home:


  1. Very nicely said. I love it.
    BTW, where do you design your photo at the top. I really like the designs.

  2. Thanks Amanda, sometimes I just upload through blogger and other times I use picnik ☺

  3. There is something to be said for how nice it is to be a "young fogey" these days. Geof and I find ourselves trying each day to get back to "simple" living, family dinners, reading in the evening, cooking together, taking walks. Having our son has really shown us what is important and what we want to hold on to.

    Thanks for sharing the link to your site, do you ever post some of your homemade recipes? I love tying out new ones!

    Meghan (from Friday)

  4. What a blessing to understand this about yourselves. Bless you as you bless others :)


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