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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our first & our last: Where does the time go?

Our first born. Our first experience with children. Our first girl. All our firsts. Ava you are precious in soo many ways that you may not understand now.

Our last baby. Our last experience having a baby in the house. Our last boy. All our lasts. Linden you mark so many special moments in our lives as well.

Ava Elizabeth, 5 years old. Our first born baby girl. Linden Isaac, 5 months old. Our last born baby boy. How blessed we are!!

I am overwhelmed with the feeling of Gods blessings on our family. Four children. All healthy, two girls, two boys (not that that matters), all given as a gift to Jay & I from God. Thank you ~ for all the moments I have with them. Thank you ~ that I am lead by God. Thank~ you.

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