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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hear me ROOAAARR... or in my case.. watch me boil water!

OK... so because of this CRAZY April snowstorm our power went out this morning.  Let me explain.. we live IN THE BUSH.. but we have the best of both 'worlds'.. we are only 10 minutes to the city (if you could even call it that.. I think that is enough detail where I live because frankly I like anonymity ☺).

So I didn't take out any bread this morning and I knew it wouldn't have thawed in time for lunch ... what to do, what to do?  So I ask the kids "What would you guys like for lunch?"... a unanimous "PASTA!!" hummmm ... ok I thought to myself.. how do I swing that request??  Well since I got the wood stove going this morning and the fire was ROARING.. I thought to myself.. why don't I try to cook the PIONEER WOMEN way!  So I got my pot full of water and plunked it on the stove.. I thought it would take a hour or so to boil so I thought to put it on right away... that was at 10:30a ... well I was very surprised to find the water boiling in about 20mins (wow... pretty cool I thought to myself)!  So I cooked up some pasta.. and lunch was served by 11a ~ a bit early in comparison to our 'schedule'... but the kids ate a warm lunch on a snowy-power-outage day.  I am feeling like a proud mama for sure! 

What would a pioneer women do while she waits for her water to boil... snap pictures of course!! (ok so I'm not a true pioneer women.. but hey.. lets face it we will in 2010 people!)

Jay and I have often talked about 'going off the grid'.. if you are not certain what that entails.. it is this.. relying on solar and wind power that is brought into your home via a windmill (a tiny one not a ginormous one!) and solar panels either on the roof of your home or on 'legs' off to the side of your property.  It is brought into your home and stored in very large batteries.. very very similar to car batteries.  It is then converted from DC power to AC power and is fed into your electrical panel ~ COOL EH??? sooo Cool!!  And we are already on a well so that solves the water issue.. and violia we are OFF THE GRID DUDE!  And you know what NO MORE HYRO ONE BILLS!!!!  Haaaaa heeee!  And you are doing the planet good ~ lots of good.  We have researched it a bit.. it does require a large amount of money to get set up.. but in time it does pay for itself.  Only time will tell with Jays work and if we stay here if we go ahead and do it.  OOOhhh how I would love to live off the grid.  Would you?

Blessings.. oh and in case you haven't figured it out.. our power is back!  

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