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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 5: Weighing In

I can thank only myself for my gaining of half a pound this past week... we had out of town friends visiting all weekend... and not that that is an excuse.. but it sure has taught me one of two things... 1) that I either have to watch absolutely everything that I eat (including the weekends) OR 2) accept the fact that I am human, I want to enjoy life (even on the weekends), and that it may take longer than 25 weeks to loose 52lbs. I've decided that I can accept 'option' number two!

Although I am up half a pound my clothes are surprising feeling looser.. a good friend reminded me that I could be building some muscle since I started rebounding and to just go with how I feel. I am feeling good.

But I won't let the half pound I gained set me back.. I will continue to livestrong, rebound and just live my life as best as I know how.



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