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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 2: Weighing In

This week I added some cardio to my routine to help with my weight loss. I started out with some videos (Dancing with the Stars: Dance the Pounds off) and although it is very fun... I found it a bit hard to follow and to honest with ya'll I just felt like a big giggly person jumping around. I will probably try it again once I loose a bit more weight.

Then I tried just jogging on the spot... l was definitely able to get my heart rate up.. but I found the 'pounding' was really hard on my knees. So I have started 'rebounding' ~ and I love it! I started Sunday night.. then Monday night.. It really gets my heart rate up, it's easy on my joints and most importantly IT'S FUN! You can check out here .

Well needless to say adding some carido seems to be working! Final weight in week two: 198.5lbs ... that is a loss of 2.5lbs! Yay me!

If you are trying to change your lifestyle and loose weight... I hope you find this inspiring.. because if I can do it.. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

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