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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

So today is mothers day... bittersweet for me. My mom passed away from cancer 15 months ago. It seems crazy to think that just over a year ago she passed away. I wonder when it will get easier? When will it really really sink in? I know days like today are filled with more sadness for me. I tried to be cheery this morning, but once the kids (and daddy) gave me my card today, I sat at the kitchen table and sobbed :(

I have different memories of my mom when I look at each of my kids. Here is a picture of Ava and my mom when we were making our tomato sauce. Ava kept telling my mom she wanted to eat more apples! (but of course they were actually tomatoes!) My mom was laughing all day when Ava would say this! This picture was taken after her breast surgery.

This was the last picture taken of Ava and my mom. We had a surprise brunch for her at her favorite golf and country club. It was her 55th birthday. This picture was taken after she found out she was diagnose with leukemia (a side effect of all things from her treatments for breast cancer). Only a few days later she went to stay at Princess Margret for intense treatments.Here is a picture of my mom and Gabriel; he was SUCH a puker! My mom would get soo grossed out by the smell of his vomit! I would just laugh!

Unfortunately I don't have any picture of my mom with Grace. My mom passed away 4 weeks and 5 days after she was born. My mom was able to hold Grace and cuddle with her... I REALLY REALLY wanted to take pictures of them together, but I know my mom would have been VERY uncomfortable with that. She was very close to the end of her life... at that point.

I also wanted to add some pictures of my mom when she was younger and healthier... she was a really stunner :)

This was taken at our home in Toronto; myself, my mom and my brother:

These are from my wedding:

And finally this was the last family picture taken ... October 2007.

Even though I miss my mom VERY much.... I know I have many things to be thankful for. God has blessed us with three beautiful children and soon to be four.... this is what makes me smile:

So Happy Mothers Day to all you mommies out there. I hope your day is blessed with many memories!


  1. What a great job Theresa did with raising you. You know she is looking down at you with great pride.

    With writing this blog you have given your children a wonder gift that they too can look back and remember/or get to know their exquisite Nonna.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories. Theresa was a fantastic, beautiful, compassionate person who truly shines through each and every one of you.

    Love Aunt Sandi & Uncle Harry

  2. great pic of the 3 kids on the step!! Peyton just won't sit still!!

    Thought of you yesterday....thought you might be feeling sad.
    Your post made me cry.
    Wednesday is Peyton's Birthday...we are making peyton a sandbox and unveiling it then....we are having cake and sandwiches..
    wanna come??
    Gabriel can help break in the sandbox!!
    no presents needed..just come for fun!
    10:00/10:30 until say noonish????



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